Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei

General information

The laboratory of soil microbiology.
(founded in 1980)

The laboratory has 6 employees including 4 research workers.
The main scientific directions: ecology of soil microorganisms under anthropogenic stress; elaboration of pedo-microbiological normatives for maintaining soil fertility, as well as for prevention of soil degradation and pollution; for development pedo-microbiological indicators for sustainable agriculture technologies, etc..
Currently the laboratory is involved in one applied research project: " Evaluation and implementation of the microbiological potential in elaboration of technologies for sustainable agriculture".
The research results in recent years have shown an essential microbiological degradation of soils exposed to convenctional agricultural technologies. It was shown that the pedo-microbiological degradation of arable soils is much more advanced compared with humus degradation; the pedo-microbiological parameters were found to be more sensitive (comparing to the soil organic matter content) and, consequently, could be used for tracing and assessing the ecological changes in soil on relatively early stage. Quality and quantity pedo-microbiological criteria were suggested for estimation, monitoring and prediction of arable soil quality.