Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei

General information

Laboratory Phycobiotechnology was founded in 1991, in the Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of Moldova. And was the innitiation of new direction in biology sciences – phycobiotechnology.

Laboratory staff is 12 researchers, including one professor, academician and 7 PhD. One specialist is graduating master degree, and 2 PhD students are at the last stage of their PhD thesis.
Laboratory is the didactic basis for students from Biology and Soil Sciences Department of the Moldova State University and the Biology Department of the Academy University, which are specialized in microbiology and biotechnology areas. At the moment in laboratory 4 students finalized their thesis fir licensed.
Laboratory investigations over several years have allowed formulation of criteria for selection of strains of microorganisms as biotechnological objects, which resulted in obtaining compliance with the 13 new strains. They were established factors influencing productivity and final product value, proposing a series of new procedures for obtaining biomass cultivation and containing biochemically predicted. It was argued the possibility and prospect of metal coordination compounds used as chemical regulators of protein synthesis, cyanocobalamin, carotenoids, phycobiliproteides, lipids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes and other bioactive substances.

Based on the results was founded a new scientific direction - oriented synthesis of bioactive substances by cyanobacteria and microalgae and developing advanced technologies to obtain biological preparations, with the support scientific concept that directed synthesis of bioactive substances is achieved by adjusting the composition environment and growing conditions in accordance with specific biosynthetic activity of microorganisms in different stages of growth and multiplication.

Another research direction of the laboratory preparations of microalgae and cyanobacteria in different areas. Research undertaken in collaboration with
"A.l. Cuza" University from Iasi have proven the preparations obtained from strains of Nostoc, and Spirulina porfiridum are efficient in purification of waste water from heavy metals and radionuclides. The proposal colleagues in Iasi, was started an international project with the theme «Bioaccumulation and metal microcomponents sludge recovery result in leaching of uranium from ore, with cyanobacteria and microlagelor». Based on the investigations established how best to use Porphyridium cruentum cultures and Nostoc linckia for solubilization of metals from sludge resulting from alkaline leaching of uranium by applying preventive sludge oxidation and application basic medium that provides a high accumulation rate.

Also, in collaboration with the Medical University LCCƞ "N.Testemiƣanu" and other medical research institutions have been established bio positive effects of algae in various pathological conditions (poisoning and liver cirrhosis, cardiac ischemia, osteoporosis etc.) and explained the mechanisms that are on the basis of this this action. Eight preparations were registered by the Medicines Committee of the Ministry of Health of RM and currently implemented in the health care system of the Republic.

Under the leadership of academician V.Rudic were supported 32 PhD theses, including 8 Ph.D. in microbiology, botany and medicine. Laboratory has published over 800 scientific papers, including 6 monographs, 26 didactic works, over 220 patents. The work performed in the laboratory is supported by results published in prestigious scientific editions such as "Algology" (Kiev), "International Journal on Algae" (New York), "Acta Universitas Sibinensis" (Sibiu), "Revue Roumaine of Biochemistry","Scientific Annals of USM Real Science Series "(Chisinau)," Isotopes Environ Health "," Waste Management "," Journal of Nuclear Chemistry and Radioanalitical ".

Laboratory Innovative activity was assessed with the about 220 gold and silver medals of the International Exhibitions of Inventions in Geneva, Casablanca, London, Moscow, EUREKA (Brussels), INFOINVENT (Chisinau), INVENTOR (Iasi), INPEX (Pittsburgh).
Laboratory "Phycobiotechnology" is involved in interdisciplinary research, cooperating with the Moldova State University, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "N.TestemiĆŁanu», Agrarian University of Moldova, Technical University of Moldova, Institutes of Chemistry and Zoology of the ASM, Phthisiopneumology Institute and CardiologyInstitute, University "A.l. Cuza" from Iasi, State University of Morocco, ect.