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General information

Laboratory of Phytomicrobiology
The Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of ASM

Head of the laboratory

Doctor of Biology – L. OnofraĊŸ
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Phone. 73-98-84
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General Information
The above mentioned laboratory has been founded in the year 1986 and it originates from the laboratory „The Ecology of Fixing Atmospheric Nitrogen”
Research Workers In laboratory there are engaged 6 scientific research workers: 1 Doctor of Biology. 1 Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, 2 research workers, 1 probationer research worker, 1 coordinator specialist (on the staff) as well as 2 coordinator specialists (not on the staff).

The Main Activity.

Starting from the necessities of the Republic and professional training ot the research workers, the long term activity of the laboratory is to research the processes of symbiosis and antagonism between plants and microorganisms, biological fixing of atmospheric nitrogen, stimulation of a germination of seeds and growing plants as positive phenomena, as well as the study of negative phenomena provoked by microorganisms with a pathogen or conventional pathogen character as to plants – diseases or anomalies in the development of plants. At present the basic research theme is the capacity of microorganisms (especially of rhizosphere bacteria) to stimulate growing, development and productivity of forage plants: lucerne and maize (corn).

At the heart of activity of the laboratory there have been laid the knowledge accumulated by the research workers both in the process of university study (2 biologists, 2 pedologists, 2 pedologists-agricultural-chemists, 1 agronomist) as well as during the doctoral course of education (1 specialist in physiopathology and 1 – in plant protection). As we have mentioned above, the principal direction of research of the laboratory had been formulated and has been going on since 1986. During the years the research workers have specialized in the respective direction, thus, 4 employees have worked in laboratory for more than 25 years.

Innovational Activity
The Laboratory has 4 brevets of inventions: in the field of fixing atmospheric nitrogen in case of pea, lucerne, French beans and soya beans. There has been prepared for brevetting a new strain of the bacteria Rhizobium japonicum, which fixes the atmospheric nitrogen in symbiosis with the plants of soya beans. The innovational activity of the Laboratory has been appreciated at the Republican Invention Show as well as abroad (Romania) with diplomas and silver medals (4) Completion of Projects
In the latest 10 years the body of the laboratory has carried out research work in the framework of the following projects:
01.01. MD 02034 Isolation and study of rhizosphere microorganisms, as stimulators of the growing process, development and productivity of wheat. (the years of. 2001-2005) 06.407.012A Study of rhizosphere microorganisms useful to increase the productivity of soya beans. (the years of 2006-201) Evaluation and usage of the microbiologic potential in order to elaborate durable agricultural technologies. (the years of. 2011-2014).

The personnel of Laboratory of Phytomicrobiology, on the basis of a scientific cooperation contract with the Research Institute for Field Cultures „SelecĊ£ia”(Selection). Baltsy Municipality, during the years of 2008-2012 carry out research work concerning the influence of the biopreparation „Rizolic” (based on the bacteria Rhizobium japonicum) on the process of fixing the atmospheric nitrogen in case of soya beans.

In the result of the research activity of the Laboratory of Phytomicrobiology there have been singled out many more strains of microorganisms (bacteria) possessing the capacity to stimulate the growing and development of plants, fixing the symbiotics of the atmospheric nitrogen. On the basis of the singled out bacteria there have been worked out technologies of producing and usage of more biopreparations with phytotechnical destination to fix the atmospheric nitrogen, enhancing the productivity and improving the quality of production of pea, French beans, soya beans. The respective biopreparations are produced and sold to agricultural farms in Moldova on the basis of economic contracts.